Minoan Snake Goddess figurine mini metal amulet statue bless for Fertility Success and cross over all obstacle wisdom gift lucky charm gift

by thaiamulet

Minoan snake Goddess mini figurine

Model : Metal Minoan snake Goddess

Size : 3.0 x 4.3 cm. (Approx.)

** Mini Size Amulet **

The snake goddess's Minoan name may be related with A-sa-sa-ra, a possible interpretation of inscriptions found in Linear A texts.[6] Although Linear A is not yet deciphered, Palmer relates tentatively the inscription a-sa-sa-ra-me which seems to have accompanied goddesses, with the Hittite išhaššara, which means "mistress".[4]:256, 263

A woman (probably a goddess) holding snakes in both hands, from Gotland, Sweden
The serpent is often symbolically associated with the renewal of life because it sheds its skin periodically. A similar belief existed in the ancient Mesopotamians and Semites, and appears also in Hindu mythology.[7] The Pelasgian myth of creation refers to snakes as the reborn dead.[citation needed] However, Martin P. Nilsson noticed that in the Minoan religion the snake was the protector of the house,[2] as it later appears also in Greek religion.[8] Within the Greek Dionysiac cult it signified wisdom and was the symbol of fertility.[7]

Barry Powell suggested that the "snake goddess" reduced in legend into a folklore heroine was Ariadne (whose name might mean "utterly pure" or "the very holy one"), who is often depicted surrounded by Maenads and satyrs.[9] Some scholars relate the snake goddess with the Phoenician Astarte (virgin daughter). She was the goddess of fertility and sexuality and her worship was connected with an orgiastic cult. Her temples were decorated with serpentine motifs. In a related Greek myth Europa, who is sometimes identified with Astarte in ancient sources, was a Phoenician princess whom Zeus abducted and carried to Crete.[10][11] Evans tentatively linked the snake goddess with the Egyptian snake goddess Wadjet but did not pursue this connection. Statuettes similar to the "snake goddess" type identified as "priest of Wadjet" and "magician" were found in Egypt

Artist created and blessed this amulet in 1970s for using as

Fertility, Cross over obstacle, bring Wisdom & Success Amulet.

It will make a fantastic gift for someone special or for a collector of antiques.Keep it with you for Evil Protection or keep it in your house .This is a fabulous collector's item indeed!

This Pra Pirap Amulet will bring you Luck, Good things will unexpectedly happen to you.It also make you success in anything you hope for.This Amulet will bring Prosperity and ensure success in human endeavors.

It is very rare and looks so beautiful.

It will be one of the best in your collection!!!!


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I sell only genuine antique Thai Amulets ,Pendants.

In this world economic crisis, if you have Thai antique Amulets with you. It will help to prevent any Bad things and protect you from Evil.
It also brings Luck, Wealth, Fortune and encourage you to fight any obstacle with a powerful help of Ancient Magic.

It's also Beautiful and very nice for your Antique collections too.

Thank you very much

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