I make pottery for that is what I am called to do.

Until I was in my 40's I believed I had no talent at all, but I did dabble in some form of art. I sketched pictures, decorated rooms and during the 1970's I took ceramic courses, glazing poured ceramic pieces. I thought I would like to even teach it, but I didn't feel secure enough to buy the kiln and moulds. The ceramic fad ended and I again was bored with doing someone else's creations.

As a Christian, I followed God into what He created me to do. In the late 1980's I took a folk art class. When I first began to paint the teddy bears and flowers the instructor gave us, I wondered why I was doing this, and my hand shook. It wasn't long before I was painting up a storm. I soon became bored painting another person's designs. I joined the local art club, bought a few art supplies and acrylic paint. I took a few art lessons from one of the members and painted a picture of my dog a photograph. I was amazed that it became natural to paint. I wondered where this talent came from. I painted many pictures.

One day someone told me I should make pottery. This time I bought clay, glazes, and a kiln. I took a few lessons on turning on the pottery wheel and knew this is what |I was called to do. Make pottery.

Taking a bag I can create anything I want. And I can put my talent of painting on the pottery I make.

The Butler's Pottery

Ontario, Canada