Design and handcrafting... BY parents, FOR parents!

Our story begins with a little girl ready to move from a crib to a bed. This particular girl wanted a race car bed, but it had to be purple. No purple race car bed could be found for purchase, so the design of what was to become the initial prototype for our beds was born. Years later and several design revisions down the road, we finally set out to design and sell the beds that started with that little girl's dream. Our designs have since blossomed from race cars to a multitude of designs, with any custom design just a request away.

Being parents ourselves, we carefully research all federal regulations and safety standards to present only the best designs at the best price possible. Safety has been one of our chief concerns from day one. We only make and sell what we would feel perfectly safe presenting to our own children. This is one of the reasons why we pay to third-party test our materials at nationally and federally recognized laboratories; to ensure that what goes into our products creates a perfect synergy that you can feel safe purchasing for your own children.

Every product we make is entirely handcrafted from start to finish. Although we use some templates and computer-generated designs, every product is unique in that our hands have shaped it from start to finish. We have a passionate and vested interest in what we do!

Our product testing team... ensuring you get the best design possible!
The section of our shop where it all begins... raw material takes form.
Attentive handcrafting goes into the creation of every one of our products.
Hand-painting helps make our products unique and special.
Carefully packing and shipping our products individually is a finishing touch for the process.


Lancaster, PA, USA