Who is Venus the Bunny?

Venus is a very unique bunny who was rescued from horrid conditions after being sold at a meat auction where unfortunately her sons were sent and killed. She was saved on February 4, 2014 with her two daughters, Phoenix and Clarity. All three had extensive medical problems and a deep mistrust of people.

A couple months of proper treatment and love turned Venus into the sweetest bunny alive. She was so sweet in fact that she was able to become a therapy animal and work with elderly dementia patients. She also became a surrogate mother to abused baby rabbits that came in after her.

Venus is most well-known as the "two-faced" bunny because of her unique appearance. She was able to gain thousands of fans online and was featured in two magazines and an ad.

Unfortunately, she passed away suddenly after 2 years with us. Though she is gone, her legacy lives on and all of her friends she left behind are still here. Several of them have become rather popular on their own.