I love to create! I take after my Father, the master Creator.

A few years ago, I thought I’d learn to do calligraphy. I checked out book after book from the public libraries on the subject and “How To’s”. Although I perused each book thoroughly from cover to cover, I didn’t actually practice. On one of these “wishing” exercises, I prayed “Lord, please help me to learn to do calligraphy.”

Before long, as I would have my morning Bible readings, I’d find verses that I thought needed to go up on my walls. I’d mark them and after my readings I’d get out my calligraphy pen and write them out so that I could pin them to the wall. Well, as time went on, I realized that the Lord had helped me practice all those times. I didn’t even realize that’s what was going on.

I did learn to do an original form of calligraphy with simple lines and letters that are easy to read. That is how Vintage Verses got its start many years ago. Now, with computer and scanner, I can share these verses and more with the world.

I have some in a few languages other than English and I hope to do more. If you have a particular scripture that you’d like in a particular language, please let me know.

Vintage Verses prints may come in various sizes, different papers, other colors and languages. Please ask if you want something different!

We are pleased to personalize any calligraphy print, such as name, birthdate, anniversary, etc. for a small fee. I would love to personalize a print just for you!

Just a forward note, though, I don’t do work that is copyrighted by someone else.

* My passion is that the word of God would be in every house in America.

I can also be found online at the following locations: