Hi! Welcome to Weaverbird Beads!

I am G, aka Weaverbird, and I am a maker of things. Beading, weaving, spinning, sewing - I love them all, most especially beading.

Beads have fascinated me for nearly fifty years, ever since I was a small child and someone gave me little bead loom. I remember I how much loved weaving my first band, watching the pattern emerge, row by row - it was exciting! And then, a number of years ago, I learned peyote stitch and a whole new world of design possibilities opened up.

Nowadays, I am always learning new techniques and beadweaving stitches, and each new bit of knowledge gives me still more inspiration. Beadweaving is very meditative; when I am working with beads my hands and eyes are busy and focused on the task at hand, and my imagination kicks into overdrive. In fact, ideas for new pieces pop into my head far faster than I can make them. It is a wonderfully satisfying occupation. Time flies when I am beading!

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I'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions, comments, or requests, I am always happy to hear them ... and please come back soon!

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