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Black Cherry bowl with Large spot of burl figure

by Weiner's Wood Craft

From crazy burl figuring to smooth even grain this bowl showcases all of what Cherry can be! The gently curved almost straight sides give this piece shape and style while letting the magnificent array of grain and color show through the buffed satin finish.

Clear even grain with distinct colors for each year of growth on one side while the other is large spot of twisted and knotted together grain from where a burl had formed early in the trees life then was grown around as the tree had continued to grow. This leaves that dark line of a bark inclusion around where the burl had grown and the large spot of twisted gnarly grain.

Black Cherry has been used for centuries for everything from furniture to building barns and handles for tools. Also known as American Cherry – or just Cherry in North America – this wood is buttery smooth and easy to work with. With its deep red and brown hues, Cherry is a classic wood, and a favorite among cabinet makers and the general public.

Burls are protrusions from trees where the grain splits, twists around itself, and begins to grow in uncontrolled directions. It is not fully understood what causes a burl; they are neither common nor uncommon. They can be likened to benign tumors because of the uncontrolled growth, but they are harmless to the tree they are growing on. A burl can sometimes form when a tree takes damage, such as from inclement weather or an animal. However they are formed, they are undeniably beautiful and highly sought after!

Finished with food safe oils and waxes.

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