Vintage Masonic Scottish Rite Double Headed Eagle Cross and Triangle Yod 14K Gold Ring Band

by Wright Brothers Relics

This is a rare and old Scottish Rite masonic gold ring band. This ring is typically only given exclusively to members of the 32 Degree Scottish Rite. In the middle is the double-headed eagle. On the right is the triangle yod and on the left is the rose croix.

The Yod symbol coloration is worn, parts of the rose croix is worn, but still coloration left, the double-headed eagle is in very good condition.

Approximate men's size 13.

A little bit about the masonic symbols on the ring:

The double-headed eagle is a well-known symbol of religious history within the Masonic order. Studying the history behind the double-headed bird allows you to see through the eyes of the brothers of the Scottish Rite Masonry.

This symbol came to be associated with the Scottish Rite Masonry because Frederick of Prussia supplied this crest during the formative stages of the Rite. The double-headed eagle is considered the imperial emblem of Russia, Austria, and other portions of the Holy Roman Empire, but Prussia did eventually adopt the emblem as a crucial symbol of Scottish Rite Masonry itself.

The phrase “Deus Meumque Jus,” which literally means “God and My Right,” is commonly emblazoned on the double-headed eagle symbol. The other commonly displayed phrase is “Spes Mea In Deo Est,” which translates to “My hope is in God.” This emblem is one of the oldest in the world and it most likely symbolizes a duality of power. It stood for a union of solar and celestial forces and a royal crest, it has stood for power and dominion. When being interpreted as a religious seal, it stands for justice and truth.

The Hebrew letter Is, equivalent in sound to I or Y. It is the initial letter of the word Jehovah, the Tetragrammaton, and hence was peculiarly sacred among the Talmudists. Basnage, while treating of the mysteries of the name Jehovah among the Jews, says of this letter: The yod in Jehovah is one of those things which eye hath not seen, but which has been concealed from all mankind. Its essence and matter are incomprehensible ; it is not lawful so much as to meditate upon it.

In Symbolic Freemasonry, the god has been replaced by the letter G. But in the advanced Degrees it is retained, and within a triangle, as in the illustration, constitutes the symbol of the Deity

In the occult realm such as in Freemasonry the pelican is connected with the 18th Rite of Scottish Rite Freemasonry- the Rose Croix. The Rose Croix- Rosy Cross- Rosicrucian mysteries using this symbol before the rites of modern Freemasonry were formalised

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