No Fungus Nail Serum | 1 oz | Nail Antifungal Neem | Nail Fungus Treatment

by Ziryab's Body Brew

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There’s a million home cures for nail fungus and they all try to make the environment for toe fungus as difficult to live as possible (without losing the toe as well!) with this nasty, stupid and down-right irritating affliction.

I say let’s throw everything we’ve got at it at one time! Coconut, Argan and Castor oil is the base to the potent anti-fungal serum loaded with the best and strongest essential oils I know of.

My customers say they notice a difference in new nail growth right away but you have to keep doing it until the entire fungus is gone, which will take as long as your nail takes to grow out.

Remember, I am not a Doctor or Scientist so always proceed with caution when attempting home remedies for health issues, especially if you have a desease that compromises your ability to heal tissue like diabetes.


-Get rid of much of the fungus as you can manually by:
-Soak your feet in a diluted home brew of your choice whether it is just warm water or warm water with vinegar, Listerine, bleach, hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol.
-You might want to follow this with a sea salt scrub.
-Next, scrape under your nail and file the top of your nail to remove as much existing infected nail as possible without hurting yourself.

Make sure you disinfect any tools you use afterwards and consider putting them aside to use only for manicuring infected nails and replace occasionally when you get results.

After that, use a few drops of my no nail fungus nail serum on each toe, infected and not infected. (We want to protect your uninfected toes too.) On the infected toes, make sure you get the serum in every nail crevice and under toenail as much as possible.

Reapply the serum twice a day at least, with special focus on the infected nail but swipe a bit on the others too just for safety.

It is possible that the serum is too strong for surrounding skin, if so, you might want to dilute with a little oil.

Repeat the foot soak and nail cleaning regimen as frequently as possible at least every few days.

I also sell a similarly effective fungal treatment called foot rescue that is a thick salve. Some people might find it more effective to alternate use of the no nail fungus serum with the anti fungal "Foot Rescue" ointment.

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