Thermocup "Flamingo" Custom Travel Mug Termo Cup Coffee Cup

by ziz

Travelmug "Flamingo"

What for? Your tea get cool and you have not noticed? Travelmug retain heat and help to notice only the pleasure of a drink!
When? Always, if you need to enjoy hot coffee or tea, or in the summer to drink cold cocktails for a long time.
Where? On the table at the computer or book, cup holder in the car, at the cinema with popcorn, on a walk with the dog, walking with a stroller, while riding a bike, skiing in the mountains, in the company of friends around a fire, at the lessons ..

Volume - 380 ml.
The height of the cup - 190 mm, the diameter of the bottom -63 mm, the diameter of the top -70 mm.
Materials: inside- stainless food steel, outside - plastic, the lid - plastic+rubber parts.

- The preservation of the drink temperature;
- Effectively brewing tea;
- Cover with seals to prevent spillage;
- Not hot / cold in the hands when holding the cup;
- Uplifting.

Necessary trifles:
- Rubber parts of the valve to close tight hole for a drink;
- Rubber seal on the lid to seal;
- An overlay on the bottom, so that the cup does not slide;
- Airbag between the bulb and the housing - 5mm;
- After 2 hours hot drinks cools from 95 ° to 47 °, and a cold drink is heated from 7 ° to 15 °. Warm and cool temperature keeps even longer!

Recommendations and safety standards:
Do not fill to the brim.
After filling the travelmug with boiling water - let off steam by opening a valve to remove excess pressure inside the cup.
Do not turn the mug with a closed hole for drinking after pouring boiling water. Due to the rubber seal is tight travelmug, and therefore the pressure is created inside because of the steam.
Otherwise, at an elevated pressure inside the travelmug is likely splashed and burned inside the liquid.
Tighten the lid without much effort by turning it clockwise. It is necessary to get into the threat properly and do the following: ensure that rubber (seal) does not twist.
Do not wash in the dishwasher.
Do not throw in your bag - it's not a thermos - it's mug.
When carrying the travelmug keep it upright.
For longer preservation of the beverage temperature can first pour hot or cold water, depending on what kind of drink you want to fill in and leave for a few minutes, then pour out the water and pour the drink.

How long does the temperature of Drinks keeps :

Hot drinks - 95°
after 1 hour - 64°
after 1,5 hour - 55°
after 2 hours - 47°
after 3 hours - 38°

Cold drinks - 7 °
after 1 hour - 12°
after 2 hours - 15°
after 3 hours - 17°
We conducted tests at room temperature.

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